Without fruit

is the story about my heart’s desire to become a mother that never came true.

For a long time I resisted processing the feelings and emotions of my childlessness. But I knew that the moment would come one day and that I would no longer be able to push away what I had repressed.

The trigger was a life crisis. I was drained and could no longer function properly. I was deeply unhappy and a constant sadness accompanied me over a long period. No one around me really noticed this, because I was good at hiding it.

So I took needle and thread and sewed the feelings from my soul!


With the project “without fruit” I describe how the fate of life changes, how life dreams, ideas and joy slowly become doggedness, disappointment and finally ended in bitterness and loneliness. A long painful path of suffering. I confront my deepest, unprocessed feelings and emotions and can finally accept and process them. Out of bitterness, sadness and loneliness, joy of life, happiness and contentment arise again.

I tell the story by means of a skirt – the skirt is me!


With the website United in Quilting I grant the visitor a first small look behind the scenes of the project “without fruit”. I would like to draw attention to the topic of childlessness and thus encourage fellow sufferers to find their own way of processing.