Words pull the strings

It is hard to believe that during my school years I was always just barely sufficient or often insufficient in languages. It was difficult for me to grasp the languages with the given learning methods, especially writing.

Everything changed with the au pair year in Canada, this was in 1986 and long before the internet and social media era. I started writing down my adventures and sending them to family and friends. I wrote many letters and I loved the almost daily trip to the post office.

Suddenly, I had it figured out. After German and English, Spanish, French and Dutch followed. Now I flirt with Chinese, the painted words fascinate me.

Letters became travelogues, followed by newspaper articles, a monthly information bulletin for a quilting club and finally a book.

By this talent I was most surprised!


My first book “this is how it started”

Every year thousands of people are diagnosed with cancer. This results in many unique stories, only a few are written down to paper. I did it and so I have processed what I have been through. It was a long, difficult and intense path. Through an unusual book and a special series of quilts, I laid out my soul and deepest feelings.

The book is available in Dutch with an English and German exerpt and can be ordered through my contact email address of this website.

ISBN 978-90-815651-2-7