My talent for patchwork and quilting

I was just 20 years old and still green behind the ears, but ready for the big wide world. So I gained my first experience of life abroad as an au pair near Toronto. During a weekend trip, I came face to face with a magnificent quilt in Kitchener-Waterloo (St. Jacobs). That brief moment ignited in me a passion for patchwork and quilting. This was in 1986.

After that I attended classes and learned a lot about patchwork and quilting. My first steps were in the traditional corner, followed by a short time in appliqué. I continued to develop, joined quilting clubs, and began teaching classes in patchwork and quilting myself. Over the years I have built up a network in the quilt scene.

Today I am with heart and soul an art quilter. I connect my art with my life and life stories emerge from it.

I give feelings a voice!


Some impression of my work



2011  First Quilt-serie “this is how it started”

Every year thousands of people are confronted with the diagnosis of cancer. This was the case for me in 1999. It was a long, difficult and intense journey. Years later, I have processed the feelings of that time through 18 special quilts. I was allowed to exhibit this quilt series several times in Holland and in the United States.

Some impression of “this is how it started”